Limitless Blue Skies Security is a security company that provides security contractors and patrol
services throughout the City of Stockton. Owner David Nguyen was working for a security
company when he decided to start his own security business where his employees would be
respected and valued. David’s main goal in starting Limitless Blue Skies Security was to help
people, but in order to do that he needed his business to succeed and make money.

Limitless Blue Skies Security was not the first business he started, but this type of business was
very new to him. David needed help solving issues with financing, costs, and human resources.
Since David had little experience starting a company like Limitless Blue Skies Security, he
needed some guidance. He eventually stumbled upon the San Joaquin SBDC (SJ-SBDC) where
David met Les Fong, business advisor and current director for the SJ-SBDC, and past director
Nate McBride. Together they discussed focusing on Blue Skies as opposed to spending his time
and energy among the different businesses he was running at the time. The one-on-one advising
was especially helpful for David, as it allowed him to see where he could improve and create a
plan to make the business successful.

David described the first session as an epiphany on how to manage his issues. “When I first
started the business (Limitless Blue Skies Security), I was still trying to figure out how to make
money. But instead of focusing all my energy on the security business, I was cutting grass, doing
recycling, I was flipping things, selling things, just to keep the business afloat… When I sat
down with Nate and Les, Les said ‘look here, you have way too many things going on. Just focus
on the business and just put a lot more energy into how you can make this work.’ That’s when it
all clicked. It was really the guidance and conversation with somebody that’s been there and just
knowing that we all go through hard times, we’re all figuring it out, and we’re all learning. That’s
the point where I focused on the business 100%, and that was the tipping point.”

Today, Limitless Blue Skies Security has expanded in terms of sales, employees, and contracts
secured. The company started with only 2 employees including David. Today, Blue Skies has 20
dedicated staff members. Before meeting with the SJ-SBDC, David was struggling to earn more
than a few thousand dollars. The first year after meeting with the SJ-SBDC, his revenue
increased to $76,000, and he doubled that every year for the next 5 years. In 2021, Blue Skies
reported $710,000 in revenue. David is confident in his business’ ability to continue to grow in
the future, as he now has plenty of experience and expertise in the security industry. He hopes
that within the next 3 years, his business can expand to $10 million in revenue. David plans to
use that money to invest back into the people that work for him at Limitless Blue Skies Security
and his community.