Jill Bruton taught kindergarten but discovered copywriting and knew that she wanted to try it. She
enrolled in trainings to be a copywriter, and early on, she realized that this is what she wanted to do for
her career. At the end of the 2022 school year, she transitioned out of the classroom and into copywriting full-time.

When Jill decided to start a copywriting business, she was very unsure and needed guidance. With the
paperwork she needed and how to get the proper permits to start. Jill was overwhelmed. Because starting a business was new to Jill, she realized she would need the help of someone who had a little more experience than herself.

With the recommendation from a friend, Jill got in touch with her local Small Business Development
Center. She connected with the San Joaquin SBDC and started to receive the help she needed in order to get the right paperwork and permits completed. Jill benefited the most from one-on-one advising with Blair Abee, business advisor to the SBDC. Blair was able to support her through the difficulties she was having and was able to walk her through the necessary steps to develop a plan to get her business started. Jill is thankful to have an advisor who could answer all of her questions through each stop of the process.

Today, after receiving the support she needed, Jill has her business up and running. She has been able to start growing her business and has the confidence to continue growing quickly. So far, she has been able to help nearly a dozen other small businesses with her copywriting skills. Jill says, “Propelling the
business dreams of other hardworking entrepreneurs brings me immeasurable joy! I feel confident,
motivated, and grateful. The future looks bright as I continue helping businesses sparkle by creating
meaningful messages that resonate with their audience!”

Jill Bruton taught kindergarten but discovered copywriting and knew that she wanted to try it. The SBDC helped her get her copywriting business started.